Means of water transport I Modes of Water Transportation I Water transport vehicles for Kids

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This video helps kids in understanding different means of water transport in an easy and creative way with beautiful pictures . It is an fun and interactive video.
It consists of following means of transport :
1. Sail boat
2. Rowing boat
3. Tug boat
4. Ferry
5. Cargo ship
6. Dinghy
7. Canoe
8. Motor boat
9. House boat
10. Jet ski
11. Gondola
12. Barge
13. Hovercraft
14. Yacht
15. Catamaran
16. Racing boat
17. Sailing ship
18. Cruise ship
19. Destroyer
20. Battleship
21. Aircraft carrier
22. Oil tanker
23. Schooner
24. Submarine
25. Trawler

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